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tv   Journal  PBS  February 28, 2011 6:30pm-6:59pm PST

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that. to return to normalcy. like many,nd she has been living in temporary accommodations for one year. the government in santiago speaks of major progress, but she has not noticed much improvement. she and the others here even have to pay rent, water, electricity charges. they live in cramped, difficult conditions. >> what is the bureaucracy like? for them, the worst is over. maria was in the bedroom when it struck. a falling beam broke her leg,
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but they receive no compensation. o this day, nothing. we were only able to rebuild all because we got loans, but a lot of people could not get cret and still have no home. >> his wife maria remembers how she freed herself despite the injury. the traces of the disaster are gone from the house but not from their heads. the story of this young family is a moving one. these take tourists. their daughter was recently born, but one year ago, they lost not only their house and their boats, but also their 4-
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year-old son in the floods. his body was never found. emilio has built a memorial to him and others. with no great to visit, this is where the young couple come to mourn -- with no grave to visit. they, too, are hoping for financial aid. >> [speaking foreign language] >> hardly any tourists come to the island of these days. most visitors are mourners. we dry in lending to the fruit and winegrowing region -- we drive into the fruit and wine growing regn in chile.
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laborers were hard hit. because they had no deeds, they received no compensation. neighbors worked together to finish each house. >> [speaking foreign language] [translation in german] >> 100 families now have a better roof over their heads than before, but they are still poor, and the age groups will not stay forever. -- the aid groups. >> [speaking foreign language] [translation in german]
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>> chilean authorities have had much criticism, but they face a daunting task. damage running into some $30 billion u.s. the government says it has already paid compensation to half of those affected by this tsunami. in one area, the situation is better. the city's south of santiago was badly damaged. seven people were killed, and even the city hall in the church were destroyed. but when you're on, the mayor is optimistic. -- one year on. construction work is proceeding at a good pace. >> [speaking foreign language] [translation in german]
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>> in may year managed to convince a organizations to help with their plans -- the mayor managed to convince aid organizations. again, old materials are being reused. only cla is missing. -- clay is missing. >> the school has been providing help to this area for almost one year. >> [speaking foreign language] . >> the school also found a donor
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willing to provide two years' worth of health-care supplies for the center. the mayor is visiting a family that will be the first of 700 to get a proper house. i asked why things have not improved faster in this area. >> [speaking foreign language] [translation in german] many feared that another quake could come along and destroy everything again. >> seismologists say there is little risk of that. >> the region could see more quakes that cause damage, but a make a quick, like one year ago, is unlikely -- a mega quake, like when you're ago, it is unlikely. -- one year ago, is unlikely.
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>> rebuilding chile has been the focus of our "in depth." thanks for joining us.
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you in part by boy's hope girl's hope, which helps children at risk to realize their potential by providing value centered family-like homes and quality education. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome, i'm patricia o'reilly and i'm delighted you could join us for another edition of "out of ireland."
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coming up on this week's program ♪ ♪ >> irish for brit ireland and u.s. dancing up a storm in orlando, florida for the first u.s. irish organized by enjoy travel. but first for a round up of the week's news from ireland, over to rte, ireland's national broadcasting service. >> the leaders of the main political parties have clashed in the first three way debate in the election campaign. the debate broadcast focused on the banking crisis. cutbacks in government spending and the irish language.
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while michael martin said it would be 10 times worse if labour party had prevailed. for what would turn out to be a r robust fact based no holds barred. the language of the debate forceful and uncompromising, and enda kinney took on the. >> [speaking gaelic] >> and amen gilmore pressed attack on the fianna fáil leader. [speaking gaelic]
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>> but the fianna fáil leader was having none of it. [speaking gaelic]>> during the debate enda kinney said that the number of people working in the public service could be reduced by 30,000. mart martin strongly attacked the fianna fáil party. >> following the participation in morning's participation they continued thank you canvas across the country.
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the first photo opportunity for gilmore was on a children's tv show. >> it will take six year. that's too long. >> some voters were very much in tune with labour policy. >> the fine gael leader was canvassing in the west today. and begin there was no room for compla s complain see complacency. >> people are suffering. no one is going to die if the banks don't get the 1 or 2. >> the town centres it was again
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greeted by party members, and later attended a party rally. responded to fianna fáil's he said that the party's face a significant challenge but were getting a good response in the door steps. >> the sinn fein. inju injury adams said that the other parties were raising the issues to smear him. >> over fans to cut their pay during their final year placement. that said he personally said cutting the nurse's pay was unfair. the department of health is lunchtime. around 3,000 student nurses protested about plans to cut their pay. by 2015 they'll have to do a 9-month work placement for free.
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>> no one is else is expected to work for 9 months for free. >> we have to implement government policy. >> do you think it's unfair. i do. >> from operations including the medical cart, and drug payment schemes. 200 millions will forcing drug companies, and whole sailers, and negotiations are with the view to doing further cuts. >> returning now to the election campaign thousands of potential voters won't be able to unfold as they have left ireland to search for work. >> as fill up bromwell late r preelection report many villages
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are losing entire groups of people. >> changed me life a lot. i had to get away from ireland. >> leann will still be here to vote in this election but the outcome doesn't interest them. next month they'll leave daonogl bound for brisbane, australia. >> and we have the leave. we'll get work in australia. we are sad leaving people behind leaving family and friends. no choice in the matter. we have to go. >> they will follow a well trodden path. 17 people have left the village in search of work down under.
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it's just absolutely. pubs across the county are seeing a reworking of population. >> it was like an end. it was like we may see these people again. it's possibly not as as fatal as that. but i think parents and sisters and brothers and friends know it could be five years before these people are back. >> it's estimated 1,000 people are leaving ireland each week. two more are to vote with their feet and follow. >> the economic downturn has produced a scramble on college courses with many people choosing to stay in education or
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returning. >> construction to cookery that was the route by andrew ward when he found himself at the sharp end of the economic down tu turn. things got quiet, and i was let go. and irene has also returned to education. she took redundancy from quinn insurance. i think it's a good opportunity for anybody that's on the brink of losing their job to consider education and retrain for something completely different. the shrinking jobs market means that cab cavern is experiencing un pr unprecedented record number for their courses. the potential for us to take an increased intake of students is hampered on the restriction on place nationally. the college wants to see this cap lifted so it can leave the
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clamour for qualifications. but on graduation day on class of 2010 were unsure what the future held for them and the country. i'm hoping it's not all for nothing. it's going to be the light of the end of the tunnel. every political party promises to invest in education, and jobs. >> just over a month and st. patrick's tourism ireland it's using the global festivities to launch its overseas campaign. to boost ireland numbers. but happened rick could be facing his tall eest order yet. with overseas visitor numbers
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down by 40% in 2007 the cost to our economy has been devastating but tourism ireland sees this march 17th festivities as a ad campaign. >> if there's any other country that had that the particular day be presidents and prims.e ministers. it's absolutely vital and it comes at a great time for tourism. iconic buildings are going green as part of the festivities. and today added some new attractions to the bill. >> the sky tower will be the first place to go green on st. patrick's day. we'r'r delighted table mountain will light up green as well. >> rebecca in ireland is used to fresh air.
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that there's never been a better time to visit ireland. >> the irish actors created the iconic of the cuban revolution has launched a bid to launch its copyright. it's one of the most iconic images of all-time. hehe revolutionaries students and marketeers alike. this is the original artwork right there. and this is naught a a secret anywhere that s is my hidden logo. it makes it difficult for anybody to prove they did it. it's fulfilled it's purpose. it was to make a statement of
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outrage of the murder of guevara. >> the artist has never received royalties from it. now he wants to pass on the right. i would like to make sure that the copyright and all are given to the right people, and they have to be given to the family and people of cuba. he's drawing up legal papers and hopes to have the ownership clarified before he meets the family in cuba. if successful may be consigned to history. >> but the image will never fade. >> tributes have been paid to mckenna. >> you must take a teaspoon.
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actor of many voices but always one of authority. tp mckenna had a procelific carr over 40 years. >> before devoting himself full-time to acting. he joined the amby and appeared in over 70 roles there. he's versatility on stage translated to the small screen. and he carved out a successful television career. playing the role of an ex priest who comes to the aid of a victim of clerical abuse. >> and finally a 10-week-old puppy is returned to full health after a near fatal drowning this
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week. >> meet nutty your average puppy. he likes to sleep in wellington booths. and c csing hens. the 10 week jack russell fell into this pond by his home. nutty had stopped breathing. i put my hand over his mouth. and forced i tried to four minutes. he gave it up. >> this must be something here give him more, and he just took his tongue back in, and blinked his eyes. >> he was brought to the veterinary hospital. nutty didn't have to stay too long. we planned to keep him in and he was doing so well.
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we let him home at the end of the day. i think john was delighted. >> it transpires that the chickens that nutty loves to chase saved his life. >> l le a strange dog in the garden. it was him. but yet then when it comes they chase the chickens. oh my god he's back. >> the news from ireland was as usual brought to you by rte, ireland's national broadcasting service. and now a company called enjoy travel based in ireland and britain has been organizing irish plans in dif
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and at out of ireland was there to capture some of the i highlights. it was a week of fun, music, dance and more dancing. at the irish flau held at the w windham buena vista in orlando, flas and irish from britain, ireland and across the u.s. >> the florida was organized by a company called enjoy travel who for many years have been organizing similar events in ireland and similar locations around the world. over the last 15 or 20 years we've taken irish music and dance to many locations around the world. initially started off with spain, portugal, and italy. in addition we've been to australia around the world a
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couple of times. we've even danced in fiji, and just recently we had a cruise up the nile. people started coming on the events literally from all over the world. most of them would come from ireland. a huge contingent from the u.k. over the last few years we've been enjoying increasing numbers from the u.s. >> all of them are irish descent. and they find that by going on the holidays they're having able to enjoy all of this, and enjoy what a new country or new location has to offer as well. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the enjoy travel tours have been a long time success running several times a year in different locations. ♪ >> this is the first time that the event was held in the u.s.
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and an idea proposed by new york busine businesswoman lyndon who is now the u.s. coordinator.